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The staff team had a falling out in recent months and I don't foresee STR coming back anytime soon, if ever, unless one or the other of us goes it alone. I've not spoken to Lark since April, but if she comes along and sees this, it's my notice that she's welcome to reopen this place if she'd like. I wish everyone that was a part of this the very best in future roleplays. I can even recommend a Star Trek RP founded by members from the old incarnation of this site at To Infinity and Beyond. I'm not there myself but Lee & Liz opened up there back when Infinite Space (the old STR) was still on invisionfree and they're still around so I think they've got great staying power if you're looking for a dedicated and active Abramsverse ST rp. If anyone wants to get in touch with me or needs to retrieve apps and the like, email me at

Live Long & Prosper
- Chant
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